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Also a national entity belonging to the French Air Defence and Air Operations Command (CDAOA), the CASPOA AO CoE prepares military personnel to Air Operations Command and Control


JFAC Operations Course "Basic"

Course description

This course provides company grade and non-commissioned officers with the basic principles of air Command and Control (C2).
It will allow them to interact efficiently with JFAC HQ divisions, teams and liaisons using standard NATO Air C2 terms and acronyms, to be familiar with the main Air C2 processes and cycles, and to understand the effects that can be generated through the use of Joint Air Power.


NATO officers destined to fill a position within an air operations C2 structure or within an air liaison element.
This course is also opened to senior non-commissioned officers involved in the air operations Command and Control chain.

Course notes

This course is strictly composed of academic classes where instructors teach NATO Air C2 doctrine and provide examples based on historical and recent operations and personal experiences. The course starts with an initial assessment of students knowledge, and is concluded by a final test, designed to ensure that the learning objectives have been met. Success in this final exam validates students official course completion and is mandatory for graduation.
The body of the course is built on a block approach and composed of 3 blocks, each addressing a specific performance objective.

Aim of the course

Educate personnel likely to take a position in an air operations command and control structure on the basic processes and functions of Air C2.

After this course, students will have a basic understanding of how a JFAC HQ plans, tasks and follows execution of air operations, and therefore will be better prepared to assume their duties within, or in relation with, a NATO Air Component C2 chain.

Learning objectives

1. Principles of joint air operations ;
1.1. Understand Joint Air Power key concepts ;
1.2. Know NATO Joint Air Doctrine.

2. Joint air tasking and targeting cycles ;
2.1. Know the Joint Air Tasking Cycle ;
2.2. Understand the Joint Targeting Cycle.

3. JFAC HQ organisation ;
3.1. Know the JFAC HQ overall structure and organisation ;
3.2. Understand the role of component liaisons to the JFAC HQ.

Pass / Fail criteria

Have a minimum score of 75% at the graduation exam.

Course language

English (SLP 2222 minimum).

Course duration

5 days.



Various supports