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Education & Training

Also a national entity belonging to the French Air Defence and Air Operations Command (CDAOA), the CASPOA AO CoE prepares military personnel to Air Operations Command and Control


Time Sensitive Targeting

Course description

The entire course is based on training data and scenarios that allow participants to focus only on practice. Each student will have to execute every scenario in order to get to the next scenario (step by step approach). Practice will be done as required for the students to achieve the standards. The TST process is reminded to the students. Then FAST windows functions are explained to the students and how to work with it. FAST presented in an operational environment: creating a TST folder first, linking a mission to the target and then following the target prosecution with FAST. The students will implement the overall TST process.


NATO Officers likely to hold positions within a TST Cell.

Aim of the course

Educate personnel to become TST experts destined to hold a position in an air operations command and control structure in order to give them a Full knowledge of the TST process. Train personnel who have already the knowledge about targeting, on the Flexible Advanced Command and Control Services for joint Time sensitive target (FAST) based on Time Sensitive Target (TST) procedures, and who will be appointed to a job that requires the use of this software.

Learning objectives

Understand the TST process by :

  1. Describing the TST process timeline specificity ;
  2. Describing how to work within a TST cell ;
  3. Describing how a TST cell works in collaboration with other entities ;
  4. Understand the role of FAST by : (Describing FAST modules o Practising on FAST - understand how to use FAST within a TST cell as a TST Chief, a TST Fusion Assistant, a TST Attack Coordinator, a TST cell’s Intel, a TST cell’s Targeteer/Weaponeer/CDE analyst. - understand how FAST allows TST participants to work in a collaborative way by: Working on FAST in relation with Current Ops room - Working on FAST with other participants (TCE, TEA, component’s TST cells).

Pass / Fail criteria


Course language

English (SPL 2222 minimum).

Course duration

5 days.




- For FRA AdT officers : be a captain, command time completed more than two years.

- Hold the JFAC OC (B) degree or equivalent (ex. DACCC IFJT, USAF AOC IQT, etc...) or be able to justify a solid experience in the C2 air and in particular in the conduct of air operations.

- Desirable : holder of a JTS BOC or JTIC11 degree from NSO12.

Various supports