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Education & Training

Also a national entity belonging to the French Air Defence and Air Operations Command (CDAOA), the CASPOA AO CoE prepares military personnel to Air Operations Command and Control


Joint Personnel Recovery Course

Course description

This course includes academic lessons on JPR doctrine and tools, followed by a practical implementation based on CASPOA-AOCOE “Strong Eagle” scenario where JPRC students collaborate with JFAC OC (I) combat ops students.

This course includes instruction of the process, positions and software tools (FAST ICC, JCOP, SALTO,etc) associated with a TST scenario. The scenario is combined with a two-day practical air operations exercise in a simulated environment. It is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.


NATO officers and NCOs likely to man a JPRC.

Aim of the course

Teach the basic principles of planning and execution of JPR operations.

Learning objectives

  1. LO1 ( Given all tools in the JPRC cell, demonstrate the knowledge and skills to use ICC, JCHAT, WISE page, the telephone, the radio and Microsoft office suite required to coordinate a PR response. React and use the tools IAW inputs via a practical exercise) ;
  2. LO2 (Acquire the knowledge of the NATO PR architecture and J/PRCC role, duties and responsibilities (job description) of the cell and the intrinsic collaboration/coordination with other CCs and AOC personnel) ;
  3. LO3 ( Given indications or warnings of an isolating incident in a simulated but realistic environment, apply the procedures to develop a plan in coordination with other CC as required to recover the personnel) ;
  4. LO4 (Given templates and checklists, set-up a PR Cell and assign responsibilities to develop courses of action and present a decision brief to the designated Lauch/Execute authority for approval of a PR mission).

Pass / Fail criteria


Course language

English (SPL 2222 minimum).

Course duration

5 days.




- Hold the JFAC OC (B) diploma or equivalent (ex. DACCC IFJT, USAF AOC IQT, etc...).

Various supports