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Also a national entity belonging to the French Air Defence and Air Operations Command (CDAOA), the CASPOA AO CoE prepares military personnel to Air Operations Command and Control


Joint Targeting System "Basic Operator Course"

Course description

The Air operations COE presents JTS in an operational way: after a review of Integrated Command and Control (ICC) functions and the intelligence targeting process, students create a target folder first, linking the target to a target list and then link the list with each phase of the process. The training goes through all targeting levels from tactical to operational. The entire course is based on training data that allows participants to focus only on practical application. Each student executes each exercise achieving the performance standard in order to get to the next exercise (a step by step approach). Practice will be done as required for the students to achieve the standards. Once the standard for the performance objective is achieved, the student will move on to the next phase and eventually the end of the course.


This course is dedicated to targeteers / weaponeers who operate JTS tool at the operational or tactical level.

Course notes

This 5 days for TTT (JTS TTT) and 4 for BOC (JTS BOC) courses are strictly composed of education and training directly in JTS. The main strategy is to give students the opportunity to practice on each part of this software and maintain relationship with the Joint Targeting Cycle. The course starts with a reminder of Joint Targeting Cycle, and geographic basics, goes through all the steps of this cycle and is concluded by a final exercice, designed to ensure that the learning objectives have been met. The body of the course is built on a block approach and composed of 5 blocks, each addressing a specific performance objective.

Aim of the course

Basic training on JTS for personnel who already have the knowledge about targeting and who will be appointed to a job that requires the use of this system, such as: Combat Ops/Senior Intelligence Duty Officer (SIDO) and Deputy SIDO (Current Intel Cell), CDE Analyst, Combat Plan : Intel and targeting Cell, ISRD: targeteers and Intel, GAT: Targeteers and Weaponeers, Strategy: Intel, Non Kinetic: Info Ops targeteers, Legal Adviser (LEGAD) and Political Adviser (POLAD), all participants involved in a Joint level of command and Joint Targeting Coordination Board (JTCB) plus Joint Coordination Board (JCB) participants, National Targeting Centre representatives in a Joint Forces Air Component (JFAC) structure.

Learning objectives

  1. Students will understand how to use JTS through an explanation of JTS role and a description of its modules ;
  2. Students will build Target folders on a computer by: creating an electronic target folder included DPIs, weaponeering solutions and combat assessment reports ;
  3. Students also create target lists, and then validate and release them. The management of the ops design is also described with the creation of phases and campaign with JTS ;
  4. Students sort and extract information from a target folder or a target list by using the different JTS search tools and exporting a target folder.

Pass / Fail criteria


Course language

English (SPL 2222 minimum).

Course duration

3 days.




- NATO School Oberammergau NJTS course or equivalent (targeting course operational level of the CNC, internship at the draguignan artillery school) or be able to justify an experience professional in the field of targeting.

NJTS : NATO Joint Targeting Staff, premier stage du cursus JTIC – Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum.

CNC : Centre National de Ciblage (National Targeting Centre).

Various supports