Presentation about the Air Operations CoE (CASPOA), our missions and our Centre of Excellence within NATO.

What is a NATO-accredited CoE ?

A NATO-accredited Center Of Excellence (COE) is a multi-nationally or nationally established and sponsored entity, which offers recognized expertise and experience within a defined subject matter area to the benefit of the Alliance, within the four pillars of NATO's COE program :

  • Education & Training ;
  • Analysis & Lessons Learned ;
  • Concept Development & Experimentation ;
  • Doctrine Development & Standards.

A COE is not a part of the NATO Command Structure (NCS) or of other NATO entities, but forms part of the wider framework that contributes to the functioning of the Alliance. Through the Military Committee Concept and the NATO accreditation criteria, COEs have proven to be a successful and enduring model for strong multinational solutions.

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